Dressing For Spring: A Look to Effortlessly Take you from Day to Night.


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By Cindy Batchelor from MyStyleSpot (Guest blogger for SelfieMark).
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Ahh the warm weather, the smell of flowers and freshly cut grass in the air, I love Spring! Being a true fashionista, the best part of Spring for me though, is tossing the sweaters and jeans to the side and breaking out some fun, flirty, playful spring fashion that shows just a bit more skin.

Now is the time to start shopping for and wearing bright colors and pretty prints. Spring is the perfect time of year for really pulling out the vibrant looks, and showing your personality through your clothing.

Lately, I’ve been on the lookout for just that, but for a look that will also easily take me from day to night. I live away from the City and when I go into town for the weekend, I really need a look that is casual enough for day, but still totally looks chic and sophisticated for a night out! 

I recently found this lovely Bright orange mottled print cami and beige faux suede zip pockets mini skirt from Apricot perfect for my weekend look!

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The outfit is super comfy while still staying true to my style aesthetic. I love that it’s totally appropriate for some shopping in hot weather during the day (thanks to the laid back vibe of the suede mini). But when you add the right accessories (heels and a cute designer shoulder bag), you’ve got the perfect look for an evening party too!

When shopping for looks you can take from day to night this spring, Don’t be afraid of color. It will pop and easily take that casual daytime look from day to night.

Also look for pieces that are feminine and still a bit flirty but not over the top sexy (in which case it won’t work so well for day). I love dresses and tops with open backs because you can wear a jacket over for day and then reveal that sexy fun detailing for night, and all you had to do was lose the jacket!

Switching looks from day to night can be easy once you keep these things in mind, and of course don’t forget the right accessories! I love wedges for spring because they are totally daytime appropriate but still make a fantastic heel for night. Chain Shoulder bags are also great because they look great with both casual and a more sophisticated evening look as well!


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Happy Styling!

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Get The Look: The Volumized Pony Hair Tutorial

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By Cindy Batchelor of MyStyleSpot.net (Guest blogger for SelfieMark).

On a recent trip to my hair stylist, I was informed that my obsessive winter flat ironing had broken off a ton of hair in the back. I have this horrible little curly-wave back there that has completely driven me crazy, as was now evident with broken off pieces of hair that didn’t even reach the bottom of my head.

Fortunately, I’ve looked to Aveda, one of my favorite hair styling brands, to find some new solutions to hair styling that won’t wreak havoc on my hair! I tried out this Volumized ponytail last week and totally fell in love! It’s super easy to do, looks unique, and won’t do damage to your hair either!

How to Get the Look:

  1. The great thing about pony tails is you can go with day old hair if you want too. Nice! Just add some dry shampoo to the scalp to loosen up the oil, massage in nicely, and it will leave hair looking and feeling fresh. *This is also great for creating some awesome texture that will look extra great with this style!
  2. Use a thickening spray all over the mid-length of hair and down to the ends until hair is a bit damp. This also creates some amazing texture. *I love Aveda’s Thickening Tonic for this step.
  3. Begin taking 1 inch sections of hair and then twirl gently from root to ends to help set the texture.
  4. Once all of your hair is twirled into sections, take one piece at a time and then blow dry. Place dried sections over the face to create volume at the roots while continuing to dry remaining sections. *Tip: Use a root boosting product when blow drying to save yourself some time with this step and skip the twirling all together.
  5. Flip the dried twirls back using your fingers and apply a small amount of pomade or styling cream and gently unravel the twirls and massage to add more texture at the crown. *I love Aveda’s Light Elements Defining Whip for this step.
  6. As you pull hair into a low ponytail, be careful to maintain volume at the top by not pulling too tightly. Wrap a small section of hair around the band and secure with a pin underneath.
  7. Mist with a light hairspray to hold your look.

Voila! You’re all done and looking fabulous, I might add!

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Happy Styling!

*Volumized Pony, as seen at Latinista, is brought to you by #Aveda,